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Introduce yourself with confidence using NexaLink Personal Digital Cards. Our easy-to-use platform helps you create and share your digital identity swiftly and securely.

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Instantly Create and Share Your Digital Business Card


Create Your Cards: Design your digital business card in minutes. Tailor it to reflect your personal brand and professional flair.
Effortless Sharing: Share your digital card via QR codes, email, or social media with just a tap.
Lead Management: Organize your contacts effectively with our simple, intuitive interface.
Personal Security: Protect your information with top-tier security measures, ensuring your data is safe at every step.

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Enhance Interaction and Professional Engagement

Real-Time Updates: Easily update your digital card and share the latest contact information with all your contacts instantly.
Personal Analytics: Gain insights into who views your card and how often, helping you measure engagement and interest.
Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate your digital cards with other tools like CRM systems to maintain all your networking information in one place.


Network Smarter with Advanced Networking Tools


Business Card Scanner: Convert paper cards to digital format in seconds with our cutting-edge scanner.
Smart Networking: Utilize features such as attendee matchmaking to find and connect with relevant professionals at events.
Customizable Permissions: Control who sees your information with adjustable privacy settings tailored to your needs.

Cost-Effective Networking Solutions


Cost Efficiency: Save on printing costs with digital cards that can be updated anytime, eliminating the need for reprints.
Eco-Friendly: Reduce paper waste by switching to digital cards, supporting your eco-conscious brand values.
On-Demand Printing: Need a physical card? Easily print your digital card with QR links to your online profile, blending traditional and digital methods seamlessly.


Maximize Your Business Reach with Digital Tools


Global Reach: Expand your networking opportunities by sharing your digital card globally, without geographical limitations.
Digital Handouts: Attach documents, portfolios, or presentations to your digital card to enhance communication and showcase your work.
Instant Connectivity: Use your digital card to connect on various social platforms instantly, making networking as easy as a click.

Full Customer Support

The NexaLink support team is readily available to assist anyone needing help with their digital business cards. We offer full support to ensure your digital cards are set up correctly and are functioning as expected.

Your data security is our highest priority

The NexaLink platform can only be accessed using 256-bit SSL and our secure API can only be accessed using user credentials or a user-revocable token. Hosted on protected AWS infrastructure, all your data is backed up and recoverable.

What Our customers Say

NexaLink's digital business cards have revolutionized the way we network. The ease of sharing contact information and the ability to update details in real-time have made our business interactions much smoother.

John Smith
IT & Finance Manager

NexaLink's digital business cards are a game-changer. They enhance brand recall, ease connectivity, and improve networking during and after events. The customer support is also top-notch!

Sarah Lee
Founder, Tonse Telecom

The simplicity and functionality of NexaLink's digital business cards are outstanding. Real-time updates and live-polling features have significantly improved our networking capabilities.

Michael Johnson
Management Consultant

NexaLink's digital business cards have greatly improved our visitor engagement. The easy-to-use platform and seamless integration have been a significant upgrade for our marketing strategies.

Emily Davis
Marketing Director

With NexaLink's digital business cards, we have witnessed a marked improvement in our lead generation. The cards are visually appealing, easy to share, and the analytics provide valuable insights.

David Brown
Sales Manager
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